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Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
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Taliyah - Sett

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Carry Champion


Taliyah struggled a bit in season 9.0 after suffering a severe nerf following a nerf to her starting mana and base damage. Coming into season 9.5, she now has 20 starting mana and also three new units that will make Taliyah's passive even more powerful: Qiyana, Nautilus, and Ryze of Ixtal

This squad still relies VERY heavily on the tech core, so if you want to use this squad to climb ranks, I recommend only playing this squad if you have Circumstance Couple III. This allows you to use multiple Taliyah, Sett, and Nautilus to maximize your knock-up potential and take full advantage of the power of Circumstance Couple III.


_Very strong in the mid game thanks to many cc as well as the amount of damage from Taliyah's passive

_Less competition for cards

_Tank items and magical items can flex


_Not every match has core pairs to play

_Counted by lawlessness

_You need a lot of 3-star generals, so if you roll black, it will be difficult to get to the top

How to play

_The core concept is to upgrade to Level 6 in Phase 3-2 and roll to search and update generals in the squad, searching for 2 Taliyah, 2 Sett as well as Nautilus and Sona. After that, you save money and continue to slow roll phase 4-2 and phase 4-5 to search for the full 3-star general of the squad. This formation does not require 4 Multi-Spell Mages, you should only use 2 Multi-Spell Mages with units that can cause "Knock up" effects, adding champions like Twisted Fate or Vel'Koz will only make you weaker.

_Generals with the "Knock up" effect to go with this squad include: Sett Taliyah Qiyana Nautilus Sion K'Sante Ryze (Ixtal Shurima and Targon)

_At the beginning of the game: make sure that the first core is Circumstance Couple II, round 2. At this time, it is very difficult to have 2 sets of 2 taliya right at 2.1, so priority should be given to losing and using a few other generals to hold the items for you. Carry accumulates income and gets items early for taliyah.

_Mid-game: this is the most important stage of this squad, regardless of whether you are on a winning or losing streak, you should level up to level 6 in 3.2 roll to earn a full form including 2 Sett 2 Taliyah Nautilus Sona if there are many champions 2 The better the stars, there must be at least 1 Sett as well as 1 2-star Taliyah. Then gradually economize the money to slowroll 2 main units to 2 stars. You can then head to the 3-star Nautilus at level 7 and clip 1 more copy to activate the pair effect as well as increase the team's resistance and cc.

_At the end of the game: save money to go from 8 to 9 and clip additional 5-cost pieces that also have the "Knock up" effect like K'Sante Ryze Sion or clip Heimerdinger to add extra damage and reduce enemy armor. Note how to arrange cards to stun and take full advantage of Taliyah's passive


We have many options: holding Tf to draw items for the carry, Ez to have a lot of items for the squad, Leesin to be able to quickly roll the full-form squad or holding Poro because Poro has many pairing rates. somewhat more circumstantial than other legends


In addition to upgrading Couple of Circumstances II and Couple of Circumstances III, we need to pay attention to cores that increase damage for carries like Kham Bao Thach III or heal tanks like Bridge of Recovery II.


These portals are suitable for this lesson plan:

- Finn's Market: Every match, Bilgewater Finn's Shop will randomly appear twice and provide Complete, Artifact, Support and Light items. You will get to choose one for free!

-Slum Town: Starting from round 2, the Lucky Shop will appear randomly once per round. This store will contain champions suitable for your squad.

- Killing Harbor Bridge: Get a number of free shop refreshes equal to the current number of rounds + 1 at the start of each round! They will only be valid during the round in which you receive them.

- Holy Light Shield House: Receive 1 Demacia Crown in round 2-1. If a champion wearing this item dies, you immediately lose the fight.

- Ehrenmount: Receive 3 component equipment packages at the start of the match

- Home: In rounds 4-5, receive a consumable Masterpiece Upgrade to upgrade an installed item to a Light item.

- Ornn's Forge: Randomly in rounds 2-5 or 3-5, receive 1 Artifact Equipment Pack.

- Treasure Book of Heavenly Fate: Receive 1 Book of Knowledge in rounds 3-5. Use it on a champion to open an armory containing all seals matching that champion's clan.

- Willow Forest: A spot on the queue will turn into a forest. Champions standing here will contribute their clans/attributes (except unique clans/attributes) as if they were in battle.

- Dream Lake: At the start of each round, receive 1 champion that matches your squad.

- Shurima Market: Each champion in the market round will carry 2 equipment components instead of 1.

- Mobile Desert: At the beginning of each round, the champions in the 3 rightmost boxes of the queue will be converted into random champions with the same price.

- Targon Upper World: When Health drops to 40, receive blessings from the Targon gods.