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After a successful debut in season 6.5, now Silco, a drug lord and talented industrialist from Zaun, has been brought back in season 9.5 to dominate the entire world of Runeterra, especially sweeping away all the Piltover k-teams. common heaven.


Having the ability to deal widespread damage, being the team's mobile ambulance, and being a good father when raising jinx, that's all Silco possesses to become one of the champions. The 4 strongest coins of season 9.5

Silco has the ability to flex well with any squad if your equipment is not suitable for fighting mages, such as the azir strategist or jinx sniper squad.


Because he is a general with extremely good flex ability with many cards, it is inevitable that everyone will fight over him, but if you don't roll the 4-pre-carry card, it is very easy to cook.

I'm quite afraid of teams being separated like social distancing because that doesn't take full advantage of Silco's full potential.


Ezreal legend has the ability to own many items, easily drawing the items you need in the match.

urf legend to have diverse seals, especially witch seals to push the power threshold up sooner.

The legendary ornn is also an extremely good choice for this squad, because in addition to the ability to give many items, he can also give us perfect artifacts, among which is the extremely strong holy sword manazane. In the early stages, it will help you defend your early game health quite well, so that later when Silco holds this item of equipment, he will continuously spread the disease throughout the map.

Finally, if you like flexibility, just choose the legendary Poro, after all, 6 options are still better than 5, right?

How to Pplay

At the beginning of the game, it's best to defend blood with a 3-void frame including malzahar, chogath, and kassadin, which are both cheap and strong. Otherwise, you guys can just defend normally with your fighter form or be brave as a tank.

Just level up to fit the witch generals so that you have a complete system. Playing according to the textbook, you should just level 3.2 to level 6. If you have a pair of intelligence, you can roll a few times to get them to 2 stars, increasing the strength of the squad quite a lot.

The most beautiful frame at this level will be malzahar - velkoz - kassadin - taric - swain - taliyah to have a form of 3 voids - 4 witches - 2 mages with multi-spells with extremely strong health defense in the midgame, at this time the silco suit Then you can just install it and let Velkoz hold it for you.

Just deft until 4.1, if you still have a lot of blood, just chill at this stage to 4.5 up 8 roll 4 money for fun, otherwise just spend all your money here to build the squad.

Silco will be the most important piece to get priority in raising stars, followed by jarvan and the remaining pieces in the squad. When you have enough form, meaning every general has 2 stars, then look at the lobby and go in two directions, one is to try to roll a certain 4-cost general to 3 stars depending on what the lobby plays, or you guys. You can level up to 9 and try to roll Ahri 2, pushing this general to the main carry position.

One thing to note is that you should limit as much as possible the use of additional zaun to trigger the 2nd milestone of this race, because besides the deadly chemical that can be used, the remaining zaun mods are all quite bad.


First, we can mention the cores related to Silco's witch race, especially the witch heart silver core, which will help you increase the level 8 at level 7 if you have ahri or the seal. The second water, this power will help you keep your health until you reach full form extremely easily.

Next, we have fighting cores such as the witch clan's own core called overload energy that helps generals of this clan quickly use their second attack, ending the fight in just 1 note. Or it can be inlaid with gems so that the whole team has the ability to crit their moves, especially at the 8 witch mark to help everyone become a carry.

Cores that give equipment advantages such as buried treasure, bags of items from legendary ezreal or urf are also very good, because you will draw items more easily, and even in the early stages of fighting with items, you will always maintain health. Very good.