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samira carry tft 9.5

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The strength of this lesson plan is that we will take advantage of Darkin's passive to give all of Samira's resources.

Naafiri's puppies, after their owner dies, will enter Samira and will join her in furiously killing all enemies still on the field.

After reaching Samira 3 and good equipment, you will continuously bring victories to accumulate Noxus points, from there you will become even stronger when adding additional indicators such as health, attack power and magic power.

That is at the beginning and middle of the game, when late in the game you add the demon sword Aatrox to the squad, the power will be multiplied because the power of the weapon Darkin left for Samira will become 50% stronger.

Although it is a super strong reroll, it is extremely picky about players because it requires a lot of things and is advanced, so we will start building the team through the next steps.


Super huge damage, quick damage, can kill Chogath without needing to kill.

This card is quite difficult to play, so it is rarely contested.

Samira's ability to roll, combined with the souls of Naafiri and Aatrox, it must be called the world, constantly scoring from the position of the desert pink shadow. Please try and experience it, I'm sure.


Because Samira is often a piece that people buy to keep their health at the beginning of the game, there will be matches where you roll black and black, and if you don't get 3 stars, you will be defeated.

Besides rolling to 3 stars, you also need the dignity of drawing, if you sit down to draw and it keeps giving you sticks and tanks, you're dead.

Will be countered in the late game if the opponent knows how to stack. If they stack the tank towards Swain and Sion, the nafiri will move closer to the tank and when sacrificed, the darkin's soul will be placed on the miscellaneous.


If you want to play easily, trust me, choose TF to draw Samira and Naafiri properly first, then go and draw Morder.

You can also use URF to receive the Noxus seal

And last on the list, it is impossible to ignore the king of all legends-Poro. It will give you more cores instead of having to fix pre-determined cores, thereby giving you more opportunities to receive more good fighting cores.

Don't choose Leesin, guys, unlike the Chogath reroll card where you can add other cheap 3-star generals to support, this card only needs Samira 3 so the roll core is redundant.

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, if you release a general and full items, you can just deft health as usual, and attack with the 2-star generals you have.

But for players who specialize in spamming, you should only catch Samira and Naafiri, aim for a losing streak of 5 to make money, and have gold to roll Samira 3.

Meanwhile, don't forget to draw Samira and Naafiri. If the champion doesn't come out and you want to eco white but still keep the nice items, just wait for the combat round and then capture the champion to keep the items.

Although you can't accumulate Noxus numbers at the beginning of the game, please think positively that you will accumulate numbers after reaching 3 stars.

After playing a standard losing streak of only 2 points, you should hit hard at 3.1 to earn Samira 3. The roll frame at level 4 will be: Samira, Naafiri, Swain and Cassiopeia.

Once you've reached Samira, just upgrade and add Noxus and then rush to the finish line. No need to roll Naafiri, leave it at 2 stars so it's easy to sacrifice and dedicate your soul to Samira


Whatever you do, just pick Pandora's box in core 1 first.

Fighting cores: definitely cannot ignore the Noxus-specific core that is completely overwhelming, powerful blade, recovery bridge, martyr's gift, not today, poisoner, gem encrusted , bloodsucking super technology, far away friends let me link Samira and Mordekaiser

Recommended reroll upgrades: fly like a bird, collect sweet fruits

Good silver level upgrades when playing Samira: giant so you can play losing streaks at the beginning of the game, pandora queue, you will draw Samira then late draw 4 gold champion to search for Mordekaiser and 5 gold will need Aatrox

Upgrades to increase Noxus milestones such as Noxus badge, Noxus crown, library card, secret archive