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Qiyana carry tft

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Carry Champion


Vo Phap in season 9.5 has made a great leap forward, taking on a new position among the members of this disguised assassin system. They get additional control with Qiyana, at level 4 the damage is also more than before as the bleeding effect will now not be limited by the first damage done.


Easy to play, easy to win.

Counter is used by many families later.


Depends a lot on rolling 3 stars.


Ezreal or Bard to have the amount of equipment to overwhelm the opponent, quite suitable for squads with many carries like this

The Legend of Lee Sin is always a not bad choice if you are playing a chess set and need to roll many generals to 3 stars.

Caitlyn, if you have a core full of stars, it will help you get to Qiyana stars faster.

How to Deploy

Graves is a new general who is quite strong in the early game with his health and damage. If you have this 2-star general early, getting winstreak is not difficult. If not, just def health as usual. Stop.

If you deft until 3.2, you will upgrade to level 6. If you have a lot of pairs, you can spend some money to raise them to 2 stars to keep your health. The current card form will be 4 Vo Phap and 3 Ixtal. You will slow roll slowly at this level to raise Qiyana star to 3 as quickly as possible. After that, you will level up to level 7 and roll Katarina or Ekko to 3 stars only.

A little note about the Ixtal clan: With 6 elements and separate effects appearing on the screen, you need to place the generals on the appropriate element boxes. For example, Qiyana will be suitable for fire and wind, Neeko will be suitable for Ice and Stone.


Fighting cores such as: Butcher's Will, Bloodsucking Sword, Far Away Friends II, Kham Bao Thach II

Reroll upgrades such as: Golden Tickets, winning tickets, Trading Area, Development Momentum, etc.

Upgrades to upgrade the butcher, lawless and ixtal milestones: Butcher's Heart, Butcher's Badge, Butcher's Crown, Lawless Heart, Lawless Badge, Secret Archives II, Library Card