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Bilgewater landfill has been nefted. And now is the time for the furry girl Xayah to speak up with super deadly attacks and skills from the conquest system. What we need to do is build her a solid shield. And the chosen ones are the heroes because Darius is a warrior with a conquering nature


Comprehensive defense is something we can clearly see when we first look at this squad. Tanks already have heroes, dames have crits from conquest, and control is a little less because there's only Nautilus.

Xayah has few players so rolling is easy.

Deployment is not too difficult if you get the Ionia form early.


Xayah is not contested but Nasus and Nilah certainly are. Because these two pieces are in many top meta squads

It seems like Xayah's feather launching speed after being full of energy is a bit slow, so her skills are often overlooked by opponents.


For Poro legends, it will be a suitable legend to have the opportunity to receive super delicious fighting cores, instead of having to default to an available upgrade, which will limit your cores.

The next legend is TF to draw standard maps for Nilah and Xayah as well as Susan.

The third option is Ezeal - you will have treasure buried in core 1 to receive equipment pieces to help optimize items, fight winstreaks and boost lobby blood. But remember to only choose the hidden treasure at the gold level, the silver level is too basic and the diamond level will have many other mutations. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, please look for cores to fight.

Similar to Ezreal, Ornn is also a safe choice. Instead of having normal items, we will receive Ornn items. The last option that I think is very suitable for Nilah and Xayah is Master Yi. Boosts both players with a large amount of attack speed to wipe out opponents.

How to Play

Let's go up with the game's two-star generals.

In case of locked items, the white eco can play a losing streak of up to 3.5 to 7 rolls, guys. But it's best to deft health, I will give a line up that the game calls for you to fight Xayah.

Start with cheap form 3 Ionia: Jhin, Irelia, Set and Warwick. Only level 4 but I have already activated 3 systems, which are Ionian, challenger and brave. The fourth uncle Jhin can just pawn Nilah's items, and the clan is also the same as Xayah, so just go up with this form and then when there is Xayah - the brothers sell Jhin and exchange items and that's it.

At 5, adding Ashe will trigger this conquest.

At 6, replace Ashe with Darius and add Nautilus to get 4 heroes. You've already seen it in the frame, right? Depending on your economy and health, you can upgrade to 7 from 3.5 to 4.1 to earn the necessary 4-gold pieces. If you are too pale, you can consider upgrading to 8 to round out the frame, as well as earn GangPlank more easily. But I'm afraid that by then there will be no champions left to play


In the fighting cores, there is a super powerful upgrade specifically for Xayah Nilah: life force theft. Specifically, when conquering champions critically strike with attacks and skills, they will heal the ally with the lowest health an amount equal to 1.5% of that ally's maximum health. With this, it's like Leesin cross-poaching guys, Xayah Nilah will continuously buff the tanks so they can protect them and then just attack the enemy team.

Besides, there are common fighting upgrades such as installing a scope, a fast bow, a powerful blade, distant friends, recovery bridge, poison pharmacist, red amulet. Diamond core to choose: fast speed face. Because there is a sword for Kaisa and a cannon for Nilah.

Upgrades that help keep you healthy early in the game: all-stars, hidden treasure, mythical forge.

Upgrades to level up quickly: study patiently, gain experience. Upgrades increase the milestone of conquest or being a hero.