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Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
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Shadow Isles

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Carry Champion


The Shadow Isles is a clan that has the ability to create a shield when taking damage. Kalista is another champion that takes time to pin spears to enemies,  dealing true damage when they are drawn and making sure the enemy will never return. The Gwen Wishing Doll can both roll around to withstand and deal damage. All of the above have come together to form a well-rounded defensive lineup.


The shield of the archipelago is extremely beefy

Multi-source damage from Kalista, Gwen, and Yasuo. So don't worry about lack of damage if there is 1 carry lying down.

The frame can be stable at 7 so it is easy to get into the top 4.


Easy to be contested

Will be countered by the Piercing Hammer.


- Priority is given to selecting URF to receive the Shadow Isles Seal or the Butcher's Seal<br>.

- Ornn to get equipment to keep health early game and then in the middle of the game turn to Kalista. Examples are Aiming Glasses, Mirrors of Deception

How to Play

- In monster turn 1-4, if there are 2 archipelagic generals Maokai and Viego, you should put in the field, then press upgrade to 2-1 will automatically level 4 to get Kalista rate.

- Putting 2 generals in the archipelago to eat monsters will help you have a chance to open the book and choose to press the Shadow Islands. With the condition that you choose the URF legend, at 2-1 you will receive the selected book from the Secret Library I and The Secret Library II.

- The best frame for you to deft at level 4: Samira,Irelia,Maokai,Viego. If you have Kalista instead of Samira, you will run out of sauce.

- When you reach level 5 and 6, you just need to mix with brave, lawless or challenging generals.

- Depending on your economic status and blood, you can go up to 7 flexibly from 3-5 to 4-1. Roll is strong here with Maokai, Viego, Zed, Kalista, Gwen, Yasuo, Shen frames.

- When you have enough deft at 7, you should go to 8 to update more Aatrox, Ryze or two Kalista.


Upgrades to the Shadow Isles Seal such as The Secret Tomb I and @The Secret Tomb II, the battle core exclusive to the shadow islands is the Haunted Seashell. If you have a demon contract in 2.1, you should immediately think of this lineup to push the lobby blood, look for Kalista 3