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Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
Do cập nhật riot tagname nên tìm kiếm bạn hãy nhập cả tagname (ví dụ: tên#tag) . Mọi lỗi, đề xuất hãy liên hệ TftPlus!
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TwistedFate carry 9.5 tft

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The card god Twisted Fate is the only general that is both legendary and used as a general in the arena of truth season 9. Possessing two clans, multi-spell mage and Bilgewater, both are two clans that deal good damage. determined . Especially in version 13.20, multi-spell mages are strongly buffed at level 4, their attacks restore 5 energy so the cooldown speed is continuous, it should be called super trash.


- Easy to play, easy to win prizes

- Twisted Fate's damage output will be extremely terrible if he has nice items, adding a multi-spell mage helps him use the move twice at once so he will clear the enemy very quickly.

- It doesn't stop there, not only does Twisted Fate have damage, but the 1-sun squid Vel'Koz is also full of damage, Taliyah adds control, and holding the female Sona is like a zeke flag that buffs attack speed for allies. and causes damage behind her, so she often holds the Demon Book Morello to burn many enemies.

- Using the main tank Galio activated Demacia has Pendant of Penance with strong health deft, which will make the reroll phase extremely easy. By the time you reach 3 stars, you are already invincible


There will be players competing for cards, so rolling 3 stars will be more difficult.



- Prioritize Tf legends to map the world for Twisted Fate and Galio.

- If you are confident in drawing, you can use Leesin to speed up the team's gilding process.

How to play

- You can use the fighter form, summon super strong early game deft characters with the quartet Cho'Gath, Renekton, Milio and Cassiopeia. Twisted Fate's damage items should be held by Cassiopeia, while tank items should be Cho'Gath or Renekton, depending on which one reaches 2


- In case the general is too bad and can't get two stars, you can use white eco to go to the market to pick up items first, as well as make money from a losing streak.

- If you lose to around 3.2 or 3.3, leveling up to 6 and spending gold here is enough to get back.

- The framework will include 4 multi-spell mages: Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Vel'Koz, Sona, the tank above will be Galio, if you don't have Jarvan then you can temporarily use another Demacia, mainly so that Galio has Wire Repentance Passage. After that, the slowroll brothers were able to get Galio and Twisted Fate, then leveled up to 7 and Azir was able to activate the strategist and Shurima. If you have leftovers, you can put them on Vel'Koz or Sona. Even paler, you turn 8 and add valuable 5-gold champions to the squad.https://static.tftplus.com/tft-media/2023/10/small/Capture-1698141341.PNG

- If you have finished drawing items for Twisted Fate and Galio, you will start drawing effects such as reducing magic resistance with Statikk's Light Blade and burning the opponent's blood with Morello's Demon Book. These two items will be installed on Sona



- Normally, you can spam any portal in this post. But there are some maps that play this card very well. As if:

+ Swamp crabs because you will have a lot of gold to roll,

+ Ehrenmount will give you 3 equipment chests early, combined with 3 items from the first monster rounds, you already have 3 big items, so you don't need pandora's box to be able to draw beautiful items for TF, so in this round 2.1 you can search for roll core.

+ This lesson requires quite a lot of items so Shurima market will be very delicious

+ The top of the mountain will give you many clone machines to gold-plate your team

+ Slum towns for suitable champions in the store will help you save money on rolling and still be able to get 3 stars easily.

+ Ecological Architecture: the match will go in order of upgrading Silver, Gold and then Diamond. The silver pandora box is enough for you to draw cards. Silver and gold cores at the beginning of the game will help you not lose too much health. By the time the last core is reached, you have already gilded the team and just need to team up the cores to fight mutants.


The most important will be Pandora's Box to draw standard maps for Twisted Fate.

Core to roll 3 stars: Fly Like a Bird, Golden Ticket, Silver Ticket

As for fighting cores, you can use the following cores: Perfect Copy, Wand, Gemstone III, Healing Bridge II, Know Your Opponent