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Demacia - Fiora

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The passing of the light lady Lux and Garen - the leader of the Indomitable Vanguard - are huge losses for Demacia's nobles. Seeing that, Quinn and his eagle Valor went looking for an ally trustworthy enough to preserve Demacia's priceless values, and the female swordswoman Fiora was the perfect piece.


Easy to play

Super sturdy with bonus armor and magic resistance from 7 Demacia.

Comprehensive defense, above will have Javan tanking and controlling a wide area, Fiora not only has damage but also attracts fights, if Quinn gets 3 stars, it will make the opponent's long-armed carry disappear at any time. nice.

Hacking additional lighting equipment is already a huge advantage


Fiora alone will easily lack damage in the future, need to add Quinn 3 or a level 4 or 5 champion to supplement the damage.


Although there is no longer Garen in the squad, we will still need the legendary wuju swordsman Master Yi, because this acceleration core is a super powerful core for melee champions in general and Fiora in particular.

The next legend you should choose is TF to draw, choose Pandora's box, and draw textbook-standard maps for Fiora and Quinn.

Caitlyn will not be bad if you want to play safely and focus on the top 4. With Caitlyn, you will get 2-star Kayle and Galio early, you can consider rolling Kayle to 3-star as a carry.

URF will be the last option in the list of legends to choose. You will have the opportunity to own a Demacia seal in the 2.1 core selection round or up to 4.2 diamond cores, the URF 3 inventory will give you 1 shovel of gold to be able to pair the Demacia seal with Mordekaiser. It will be a different level

How to Play

There will be many forms for you to keep your blood in the early game, try to revolve around the 2-star generals you have. I only give one line up for your reference. Deft using Noxus will be the best option. Using the trio Samira/Cassiopeia/Kled combined with Naafiri, you will have up to 4 systems: Noxus, Challenger, Darkin and Shuriima, a very strong starting framework in the early stages of the match. Quinn's items were installed by Samira, Fiora's items were for Kled. When you level up, add Quiinn and you will have a butcher. Make sure to keep Demacia units on the queue. In the mid game, when Demacia generals reach 2 stars, you can gradually replace them. At level 7, try to find at least one Fiora. At the end of the game, try to complete the Demacia 7 frame. If you roll a lot of valuable 5-cost pieces like Heimerdinger and Aatrox, you can consider reducing it to 5 Demacia.


Fighting cores such as Anti-Magic Chains will definitely not be missed if you are a genuine Demacia player, followed by speed boosts, gem inlays, powerful blades, and super-tech enhancements. , poison pharmacist

Pandora's box is needed to draw items for Quinn and Fiora

Upgrades help keep blood early in the game: all stars are stars. URF 3 inventory is extremely good when fighting Demacia because it has a good clone machine and more importantly, a shovel to transform Demacia

Upgrades to upgrade Demacia landmarks such as Demacia badge, Demacia crown, secret archive, library card