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Carry Champion


Silco is an important piece in the Azir squad in season 9.5 to replace the departure of light lady Lux. Combining with Warwick will not only have Zaun but also stimulate heroes and Nasus


Comprehensive defender. There's nothing missing if you have enough cards.


Because of such omnipotent power, it comes with subjective factors originating from the player.

Like in a lobby, everyone wants to get to the top, so they will choose strong cards to play, which leads to duplicate cards, and the player who rolls more black is the cook.

The level of implementation of this article is also relatively difficult, you will need to maintain health and do the economy well to have enough health to level up the general roll. Second is to be calm enough and have a cool head in case of a losing streak.


If you are a true fan of Azir the Strategist, you definitely cannot ignore Vladimir to get the Blood Transfusion II and Ascension combo.

The next legend to choose is Ornn. The forge has many items suitable for this team. Like Jarvan IV, he can wield the Mirror of Deception. Nasus holds the Divine Strike Hammer, Super Spiritual Armor, Tam Luyen Sword or Death Dance. Azir will have delicious items like the Skull Amulet, the Marksman's Aim and especially the Zhonya Bipolar - helping him stay safe, and can produce extremely satisfying highlights.

Caitlyn or Ezeal are also not bad choices if you want to play safely, focusing on the top 4. With Caitlyn, we will have 2-star generals at the beginning of the game thanks to all the stars, from there, it will be easier to defend health. Ezeak does not give champions but equipment, the superior amount of items from buried treasure, if thoroughly and properly optimized, promises to be a pretty long winstreak. If you keep your health well at the beginning of the game, leveling up will be easier. At that time, you just need to roll the necessary champion to complete the lesson, but pay attention to the 2nd and 3rd cores, you must choose 1 core to fight.

How to Deploy

Shurima is now very easy to attack because it is no longer 3,5,7,9 but 2,4,6,9, so at the beginning of the game you can use Renekton and Cassiopeia, plus Samira and Irelia to trigger 2 more challenges. Tank items can be given to Irelia or Renekton whichever gets 2 stars first, similarly attack items will be Cassiopeia or Samira. When you get Naafirii, you can remove Irelia and add Taliyah to attack 4 shurima and still maintain the challenge. Add Swain to Noxus and your defense will be strong. The strategist has a new champion that costs only 3 gold, Miss Fortune, who will be a powerful puzzle piece in the middle of the game. Depending on economic status or amount of health, the turn roll will range from 3.5 to 4.2. If your health is too low, you should roll at 7 to get back, not stubbornly attack to 8.


The fighting cores are: Blood Transfusion II, Ascension, Gem Stone II, Wand, Far Away Friends II, Healing Bridge II, Potionist II.

Upgrades to help keep health early in the game: All Stars, Buried Treasure II, Mythical Forge.

Upgrades to level up quickly: Study Patiently, Experience Promotion.

Upgrades that raise the warrior or Shurima mark.